Confectionery Flavors Flavor Dynamics' selection of products for confectionery applications includes a wide variety of products. Our catalog includes flavors for everything from solid sweet mints to gummy fruit candies, from nutty Marzipan flavors to better-than-homemade chocolates, taffies and butterscotches. In addition to our thousands of off-shelf products, our laboratory can create a flavor to match your exacting specifications to ensure that your final market product will be exactly what your regional, national or global market craves.

Flavors for Baked Goods Baked goods in some form - from cakes, cookies and pies to rolls, bagels and bread - are a staple of the human diet nearly everywhere in the world. Our product lines reflect the marketplace's diversity of flavors with thousands of selections developed by our flavor chemists and in-house research chefs. Whomever your market includes and whatever gold-standard flavor you may be trying to achieve, we will work with you to ensure that your product perfectly matches your culinary vision.

Dessert Flavors Flavor Dynamics' products for dessert applications can be used in innovative ways to create novel ideations. In our ever-changing marketplace of culinary ideas, new products for puddings, shaved and Italian ice, gelatin or ice cream are always in demand. You can choose from our natural or N/A product lines or work with our lab to create a product that matches your regional or dietary specifications.