Flavors for Coffee and Tea
Flavor Dynamics' lines of coffee and tea flavors are among the best-regarded in the industry. Our well-rounded selection includes flavors for year-round classics as well as seasonal, dessert and holiday applications. Further, our Flavor Mapping project has keyed in on different United States regions' specific flavor preferences, allowing us to create specialized regional blends that allow you to better target what your market craves.

Flavors for Cocoa and Chai
Our Cocoa and Chai flavors have had a strong and growing impact on the beverage marketplace. By using our excellent dairy, chocolate and spice flavors as essential building blocks for these complicated blends we are able to add subtle notes to your pre-existing product.

Flavors for Soft Drinks, Energy Drinks and Juices
Flavor Dynamics' selection of flavors for soft drinks, energy drinks and juices is limited only by the imagination. Our immense catalog includes an incredible variety of cola, fruit, spice and citrus notes that can be added to nearly any kind of beverage. What's more, if you don't immediately see the perfect solution to your challenging system or novel idea, our lab will work to create whatever it is that your application requires.

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