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This Month's Featured Flavors

N/A Salty Caramel Flavor. Men and Women of all ages enjoy salty caramel. That long lasting taste of sweet creamy caramel mixed with a craving for salt. Now you can experience that "melt in your mouth" decadence without the calories. Check out our twists on this classic flavor for your beverage application. Our line of sweet and salty treats has something for everyone.
N/A Salty Butterscoth Flavor
N/A Salty Chestnut Praline Flavor
N/A Salty Honey Caramel Flavor
N/A Rich Sea Salted Caramel Mocha Flavor

Our new Nat. Harissa Flavor is originated from a condiment like sauce used in the Maghreb region of North Africa as well as around the Mediterranean basin.
Imagine roasted red peppers and chilies with garlic and spices. Cumin, coriander and even caraway can be used. There is often a citrus acidity from preserved lemons or bitter orange.
One can't imagine couscous without it. Very often used in stews, it adds complexity to bland vegetable dishes and it goes very well as a marinade for grilled meats and fish.
As it moves around the globe, harissa is being tried in all sorts of new applications. Flavor Dynamics will be showcasing Harissa Spiced Pralines at the upcoming Research Chef Association Conference in NOLA. Y'all stop by and try some if you wish.

Past Featured Flavors

Focusing on the Holidays we introduce our N/A Caramel Walnut Shortbread Flavor, a warm shortbread cookie topped with walnuts and creamy caramel. This flavor will compliment any holiday desert or beverage.

N/A Italian Celebration Cake Flavor. Panettone is a traditional Italian holiday bread infused with golden raisens and the sweetest candied fruits. Nothing is more festive then a puffed dome of this delicious dessert on your dinner table.

N/A Melon Flavor, a liquid product featuring sweet overtones of honeydew and cantaloupe designed to refresh and rejuvenate. This heat and freeze/thaw stable flavor can complement a variety of sweet applications, including dressings, sauces, fondants, gelato, ice cream and beverages – particularly hot or iced tea.

N/A Strawberry Cheesecake Flavor. This heat and shelf-stable liquid product features a savory New York-style cheesecake foreground with slightly-green field-fresh strawberry top notes, and is the perfect complement for confections, baked goods, coffee, pudding and ice cream.

N/A Caramel Cashew Flavor. Your favorite carnival treat comes to life in this spot on recreation. The salty, sweet and nutty combination is a classic. This flavor can be used in many systems from desserts and candy to your favorite beverages.

Nat. Sweet Chili Sauce Flavor. An enticing blend of herb and spice that is a carefully crafted balance of heat and flavor. This flavor is pleasing to the palate, oil soluble and heat stable making it the perfect fit for most ready-made savory systems.


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06/24/15Dolf DeRovira and Wolfgang Boehmer will be speaking at the R&D Applications Seminar in Chicago on August 4-5. They will be discussing The Safety of Flavors and Public Perception. Register Here

01/22/15Flavor Dynamics Inc. is pleased to announce that it has recived an A Grade on our last BRC audit. This is a verification of FDI's long-term commitment to the highest quality and food safety standards, and a commitment to furthur manufacturing excelence.

12/19/14Flavor Dynamics says goodbye to Helen Mossa as she retires after 19 years of excellent service as head of our customer service department. We will miss her and wish her many years of health and new adventures.

10/13/14We congratulate Wolfgang Boehmer on his recent accomplishments as a tea master. After two years of extensive study, Wolfgang's credentials also include Tea Sommelier.

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